Social, Political, Ethical & Cultural Dimensions of Health and Disability

Graphic describing the aim of the Social, Political, Ethical & Cultural Dimensions of Health and Disability research platform

The aim of this platform is to investigate and address the social, political, ethical, and cultural forces that shape how health, disease, and disability are understood and addressed in healthcare and rehabilitation and in various communities and societies. This aim is addressed through critical social science approaches that investigate:

  • how health, disease, and disability are conceptualized and addressed in health care, communities and societies and the effects on disabled people and other recipients of care
  • how systems of oppression shape healthcare and contribute to social and health inequities
  • how core assumptions, concepts, and values underpinning physical therapy and healthcare influence education, practice, delivery, policy, and research

Research in this theme is directed towards critical inquiry, has explicit anti-oppression aims oriented to transformative and emancipatory systemic changes to healthcare and society more broadly.

Aligned with the growing field of critical rehabilitation studies, our research is explicitly transdisciplinary, drawing on diverse knowledges, and critical scholarships (critical disability studies, critical race theory, anti-colonial studies, Indigenous studies, childhood studies, feminist studies, and posthumanism). The platform also promotes diverse methodologies, such as narrative approaches, discourse analysis, oral history and arts-informed research.

Programs of Research and Faculty

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