Clinical Partners

Clinical Sites

A list of all of our clinical partners can be found at

Student Assessment

Clinical Instructors (CIs) are required to complete a formal assessment of the student’s performance and students will complete a self-assessment at the mid and final points of the internship using the Canadian Physiotherapy Assessment of Clinical Performance (ACP 2.0). In addition, students will also complete an evaluation of the clinical site and internship.

All first-time clinical instructors are asked to complete the ACP online learning module.

Accessing the ACP on HSPnet

Once you are set to host a student for a clinical internship, the week before the internship starts, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log on to HSPnet. When you receive your login credentials you can log onto HSPnet. If you do not receive login information, or you have trouble logging into HSPnet, please contact

Clinical Instructor (CI)/Student Communication for Issues

While uncommon, sometimes concerns arise either by the CI or the student during the clinical internship. A process has been developed for the clinical sites and/or student to notify the university of any concerns. The clinical education team is here to support and talk through any concerns to enhance and support the internship experience.

General Concern By CI Of The Student Flowchart

General Concern By CI Of The Student Flowchart

General Concern by Student of the CI