Program Expansion Plan Updates

January 2024 — View the recording to learn more about our progress to date, the updated project timeline and what we are doing to prepare for the arrival of 40 new students to our MScPT program in September 2024. 

December 2023 — Read about how we are preparing for the arrival of 40 additional students to our MScPT program at 500 University, beginning September 2024. 

November 2023 — U of T makes history, breaking ground on a building that will house a new medical academy in Scarborough, which will graduate 40 physical therapists each year. 

March 2022 — Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health (SAMIH) at the University of Toronto Scarborough will provide an inclusive hub for education and strengthen connections among healthcare providers in the region.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you adding 40 students to the program just in 2024? Or will it continue in coming years? 

September 2024 is the start date for increasing our MScPT class size from 110 to 150 students. Moving forward, we will continue to welcome 150 new students to our MScPT program each year. 

Once the Scarborough Academy of Medicine and Integrated Health (SAMIH) is open, we will begin with the distributed site with 40 MScPT students at the Scarbrough campus and 110 MScPT students at the St. George campus each September. 

Students will NOT move to a new campus in the middle of their two-year MScPT program; all students who start the program at the St. George campus will complete the program there.

How are you planning to physically accommodate the additional 40 students in the Rehabilitation Sciences Building?

Construction is currently underway to ensure we have enough space for our students. Renovations are being done thoughtfully to ensure we have the appropriate space for classrooms, small group rooms and clinical skills labs, IT infrastructure, equipment and furniture to accommodate the increase in students. 

What is your plan for admitting high-quality physical therapy students who are skilled in critical thought, empathy and communication?

Admission to the MScPT program remains multi-dimensional. Visit our Admissions page to learn more about our academic and non-academic requirements.

How will you ensure that all students get quality placements? Will the clinical catchment area be adjusted?

We remain committed to ensuring all students in the MScPT program have high quality clinical internships. Work is underway to review existing placement opportunities and explore new partnerships in the clinical community. 

Our vibrant clinical community extends from Oakville in the west, Pickering in the east and Barrie to the north, which includes almost 400 sites. At this time, we do not have plans to adjust the catchment area. 

We encourage all alumni and practicing physiotherapists to consider getting involved with the education and development of our future colleagues. Email us at to learn about volunteer opportunities. 

What is the MCU Clinical Honorarium and who receives it?

The Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) has made an on-going commitment to support clinical education through an honorarium. The purpose of these funds is to provide support for the enhancement of the quality of clinical education in health science programs in Ontario. These funds are distributed to the organization hosting the student in recognition of the contributions that have been made to the clinical education of Physical Therapy students and is provided to support participation in professional development or initiatives to enhance the quality of clinical education at your facility.  The funds are distributed on April 1 each year based on the number of student placements that took place at the facility in the preceding calendar year. The honorarium is calculated at a rate of $50 per full-time week per student.