Paid Work Positions

Generally, 15 hours per week of paid work is the maximum average recommended for physical therapy students.

Research Assistantships

Faculty occasionally have a budget for research assistants in their grants. The Department will email you and will post information, including how to apply, on the seventh floor bulletin board as these opportunities become available.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistant positions at The University of Toronto are generally offered first to University of Toronto graduate students and may involve conducting tutorials, grading undergraduate essays or exams, and acting as a resource person for undergraduate students. Within the Department of Physical Therapy, these positions are not available to current physical therapy students for various reasons, such as confidentiality. To learn about available positions in other Departments, you can write directly that department or visit their website.

Work-Study Program

The University of Toronto Work-Study Program provides opportunities for eligible students to be employed part-time on campus from September to March. These jobs are available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Positions are posted at the Career Centre. The program opens each year in early September.

There are many jobs on campus available under this program, including some within the Department of Physical Therapy. In September, positions for the Department of Physical Therapy under the Ontario Work-Study Program will be emailed to students and will be available on the Career Centre website. Work-Study students will be assigned various tasks and will generally be assigned to one or more faculty for other tasks during the year. Hours of work are up to a maximum of 15 hours/week, from September to March 5 (to a maximum of 200 hours). 

Within the Department of Physical Therapy, the program is coordinated by Amanda Patterson, Business Manager. For positions within other departments, visit the Career Centre website.