2023 Exceptional Achievement and Recognition Awards

Exceptional Achievement Recipients

Headshot of Janet Campbell

Janet Campbell – Practitioner

Janet Campbell has over 30 years of clinical experience in rehabilitation. She has a passion for working with the limb loss population and has spent the majority of her clinical practice, teaching and research with a special interest in amputee care. Always eager to support others in their learning and achievements, Janet has enjoyed teaching PT students in the academic environment and clinical field for over 20 years. Janet is a Clinical Resource Leader at West Park Healthcare Centre in Toronto. As well as her involvement in the MSc PT program at the University of Toronto Janet has had the privilege of supporting other internationally trained physiotherapists through her involvement in the bridging program (OIEBP) at the University of Toronto.

Headshot of Gillian Johnston

Gillian Johnston – Education

Gillian Johnston graduated from McMaster University in 2005 where she earned a Masters of Science in Physiotherapy. Gillian is also a passionate and hands-on educator. She is the founder of MAPclass - a hands-on clinical skills course and has been providing clinical teaching to U of T, McMaster, Western and Queens students since 2006. Gillian has provided academic teaching through small group facilitation with OT, PT, and Medical Students, and as an Anatomy Instructor at the National Ballet School’s Teacher Training Program. She is currently working as an In-patient Physiotherapist in UHN’s Spinal Cord Injury Rehab Program at Lyndhurst Centre while also providing private, community-based therapy through her own private practice. MAPclass Therapy provides interprofessional, team-based care, as well as a free, volunteer run, virtual exercise program.


Headshot of Elizabeth Inness

Liz Inness – Research

Liz Inness is a physical therapist with expertise in neurorehabilitation, an Affiliate Scientist at The KITE Research Institute of Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – UHN, an Assistant Professor (status-only) in the Department of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto, with cross-appointment in the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute. Liz’s research has a strong focus on advancing rehabilitation practice through clinical-research partnerships, to optimize assessment and training of balance control for safe, independent mobility and to promote early and long-term engagement in aerobic exercise and physical activity after stroke and brain injury.

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Recognition Award Recipients

Individual Award Recipients

Clinical Instructors / CCCE’s

  • Megan Au
  • Maggie Bergeron
  • Rim Boulos
  • Leor Burshtein
  • Kelly Chapman
  • Kelly D'Autremont
  • Juliana Douglas
  • Scott Durno
  • Nicole Gastle
  • Phil Genesis
  • Trevor Guy
  • Sabrina Handa
  • Aileen Ho
  • Jennifer Hutter
  • Judith Irvine
  • Gillian Johnston
  • Karen Lee
  • Megan Leong
  • Vincent Lo
  • Lee McKay
  • Siobhan McKittrick
  • Kristin Musselman
  • Laarni Muya
  • Audrey Ng
  • John Pendlebury
  • Tulio Romanelli
  • Jennifer Shaffer
  • Simone Smith
  • Shehzad Surya
  • Marissa Taylor
  • Tina Wells-Rowsell
  • Jamie Young


  • Lovisa Cheung
  • Mireille Landry
  • Stephanie Lurch
  • Martine Quesnel
  • Eric Robitaille
  • Euson Yeung

Lecturers / Lab Assistants

  • Stacey Abraham
  • Ty Agha
  • Lisa Caldana
  • Janet Campbell
  • Nathalie Cote
  • Manoela de Paula Ferreira
  • Elizabeth Farquharson
  • Rosy Gill
  • Megan Hudson
  • Anita Kaiser
  • Raisa Kassam
  • Halima Khatun
  • Joseph Lo
  • Donna Matheson
  • Kiera McDuff
  • Roopali Neemuchwala
  • Blythe Owen
  • Marija Radenovic
  • Olivia So
  • Haider Tirmizey
  • Andrew Tri
  • Ralph Walker
  • Kaili Walters
  • Krisztina Weinacht
  • Wes Wong


  • Alana Tintse

Research Advisors

  • Prashna Singh

Small Group Facilitators

  • Donna Matheson
  • Marija Radenovic
  • Nancy Roper
  • Kaili Walters
  • Krisztina Weinach

Teaching Assistants

  • Natasha Benn
  • Michelle Legasto-Mulvale
  • Sabrina Morelli
  • Carina Orschel
  • Marina Petrevska

Team Award Recipients

Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital Ambulatory Care Physiotherapists Team

  • Shauna Hurnanen
  • Usman Khan
  • Louisa Leong
  • Anita Osika
  • Ryan Vergara

Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging Program Team

  • Alison Bonnyman
  • Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair
  • Mae Kwan
  • Martine Quesnel
  • Sharon Switzer-McIntyre
  • Alana Tintse

Rumsey Neuro Physiotherapy Department Team

  • Bonnie Cai-Duarte
  • Margot Catizzone
  • Ana Ferreira
  • Karen Fong
  • Cheryl Foster
  • Rina Reyes
  • Shelina Sajoo
  • Alexandra Young

Unit 7 TA Team

  • Kyla Alsbury-Nealy
  • Kainat Bashir
  • Renato Barbosa dos Santos
  • Daniela Chan-Viquez
  • Kristina Kokorelias
  • Michelle Legasto-Mulvale
  • Arrani Senthinathan

Congratulations to all our recipients!