Academic Program

Academic Leads

Each "Unit" of study in the MScPT curriculum has a corresponding course code that appears on your transcript. Each course or "Unit" has an Academic Lead, who is an instructor and the primary contact. The Units, course codes, and Academic Leads for the 2023-2024 academic year are:

You are encouraged to contact Academic Leads to discuss plans for remediation if you think that you may be in academic difficulty. Academic Leads work with the Graduate Coordinator to develop and recommend remediation plans for students in difficulty.


Prior to the beginning of each academic unit, the Academic Lead will provide you with a timetable via Quercus. You need to keep track of any changes in the timetable (such as room changes, class cancellations, or rescheduled classes) once the Academic Lead has notified the class.

Unit Texts

Units will often have required texts and required or recommended articles from journals or books (‘reading packages’). The Unit Instructor will provide the class with access to the articles but you are responsible for your own printing/copying, if desired. You can expect to spend approximately $1,000 for required texts and photocopying of articles in each year of the program.

Course Evaluations

Course/faculty evaluations are scheduled into the curriculum as a formal process to collect your feedback on the program and teaching. A class representative will assist the Department in this process. Results are made available to the Chair of the Department and the instructor only after the final marks for the unit have been submitted and approved.

Concerns Related to a Specific Unit

For curricular concerns requiring immediate attention a student representative(s) should first approach the Academic Lead or course instructor for discussion and resolution of concerns. If all reasonable attempts to negotiate with the Academic Lead/instructor are not adequately resolved, students should express their concerns to the Graduate Coordinator. The Graduate Coordinator will attempt to facilitate resolution of the concern between Academic Lead/instructor and student(s). If the issue remains unresolved, the student may make an appointment to see the Vice-Chair of Education and/or the Chair of the Department.

General Curricular Concerns

If you have general curricular concerns or concerns related to future curriculum planning, you should bring these to the attention of your representative on the Continuous Quality Improvement Committee. This Committee addresses issues raised by students or faculty and meets once per month.