Exceptional Achievement and Recognition Awards

Exceptional Achievement Awards

Education Exceptional Achievement Award

Acknowledges an individual who demonstrates education excellence to physical therapy students in their teaching practice and educational innovation.  Examples may include but are not limited to outstanding clinical instructors, lab demonstrators, or small group facilitators.

Previous award recipients include: Judi Hunter, Lynne Sinclair, Molly Verrier, Sharon-Switzer-McIntyre, Dina Brooks, Brenda Mori, Anne Agur, Euson Yeung, Cathy Evans, Anne Kuus, Robyn Davies, Kinny Quan Velanoski, Erin Miller, Lindsay Beavers, Martine Quesnel, and Stephanie Lurch.

Physical Therapy Practitioner Exceptional Achievement Award

Acknowledges a Physical Therapist who demonstrates expertise in a clinical content area, a best practice approach to delivering patient-centred care and participates in the development of their practice and the development of others in their clinical area.

Previous award recipients include: Euson Yeung, Christine Carpenter, Krisztina Weinacht, Ros Crooks, Mary Sauriol, Helen Lee, Liz Inness, Vincent Lo, Karen Brunton, Pamela Hilliard, David Evans, Agnes Makowski, Angelo Papachristos, Jennifer Agnew, Jo-Anne Howe, Charlotte Anderson, and Gail Kirkwood.

Professional Development Exceptional Achievement Award

Acknowledges an individual who demonstrates ongoing contribution to the development and advancement of the Physical Therapy profession.

Previous award recipients include: Maria Tassone, Viivi Riis, Jo-Anne Howe, Elaine Aimone, Chantal Graveline, Sheila Ritcey, Signe Holstein, Gillian Bone, Dorianne Sauve, Michel Landry, Kelly Brewer, Annette Marcuzzi, Jeffrey Andrion, Lisa Wickerson, Anna Marie Sneath, Denise Scott and Jennifer Howey.

Research Exceptional Achievement Award

Acknowledges an individual who demonstrates excellence in the development and dissemination of new knowledge in a collaborative manner and fosters the development of new researchers.  

Previous award recipients include: Ethne Nussbaum, Susan Jaglal, Bill McIlroy, Aileen Davis, Nancy Olmstead, Cheryl Cott, Dina Brooks, Virginia Wright, Barbara Gibson, Kelly O`Brien, Nancy Salbach, Maria Huijbregts, Helen Razmjou, Kara Patterson, and Kristin Musselman.

Recognition Awards

Each year, the Department of Physical Therapy acknowledges individuals who have provided great learning environments, guidance, supervision, or have been inspirational to our students with the Department of Physical Therapy Recognition Awards.  Recognition award recipients can be faculty members, clinical instructors, small group facilitators, lab demonstrators, teaching assistants, or other educators.