Fees & Tuition

Application Fees

Applications to the MScPT program are coordinated by Ontario Rehabilitation Science Program (ORPAS). It is your responsibility, as an applicant, to ensure your application is complete. All fees are non-refundable. Applications will not be forwarded to the universities until full payment has been received by the OUAC. Partial payments will not be accepted. For more information on application fees, including acceptable methods of payments and deadlines, visit the ORPAS Fee page.

Tuition Fees

Students are required to pay tuition fees as established by the Governing Council and set out in the Schedule of Fees. Tuition fees normally consist of academic fees (including instruction and use of library) and incidental fees (including Hart House, Health Services, athletics and student organizations). You can register by making the minimum payment as outlined on your invoice or register without payment based on a provincial student loan or major award. The MScPT program is two years in length, and fees are charged in each year of the program.  Fee deadlines vary depending on how you register for an academic year. Student Accounts posts all applicable dates to their website. 

Fees for the 2023-24 Academic Year

Description Amount
Program Fees (for one full year, includes summer term) $10,550.00
Incidental Fees $1,945.96
Ancillary Fees $447.64

Other Program Expenses

Description Approximate Amount (per year)
Textbooks, instruments, laboratory manuals $1,000 – $2000
Uniforms and other expenses including travel $650
CPR & First Aid Certification Course $110

Late Registration Fee

If you register after the registration deadline, you have to visit the School of Graduate Studies, 63 St. George Street, with a copy of your tuition invoice and proof of payment.  A late registration fee may apply.

Payment Methods

Students who are eligible to register can view and print out invoices from ACORN. Information on where and how to make a payment is provided by Student Accounts.

Refund Schedule

For information on refund schedules, please visit Student Accounts