Interprofessional Education

The University of Toronto Interprofessional Education Curriculum/Program

The University of Toronto IPE curriculum/program builds upon a rich history of IPE and is focused on the development of specific values and core competencies across ten health professional programs (dentistry, medical radiation sciences, medicine, nursing, occupational science and occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical education and health, physical therapy, social work and speech-language pathology). The knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes developed through the IPE curriculum/program will enable you to provide collaborative patient/client-centered care in an interprofessional context.

Interprofessional education encompasses a learning continuum that stretches from the University to clinical practice in many types of settings. It involves numerous stakeholder groups, among them students, faculty, clients/patients/families, clinicians, and administrators. IPE expands the traditional uniprofessional education model to an educational process where two or more professional groups are brought together to “learn about, from and with each other to enable collaboration and improve health outcomes” (World Health Organization, 2008). In current strategic planning that is occurring at Health Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and the University of Toronto, IPE is seen as key to developing well-prepared professionals who will assume leadership roles in health care upon graduation.

The IPE curriculum/program runs across the health professional faculties and departments. This comprehensive curriculum/program includes the following four core learning activities:

  1. Year 1 - Teamwork
  2. Conflict in Interprofessional Life
  3. Case-Based: Pain or Palliative Care
  4. IPE Component in a Clinical Placement

As well, you complete elective learning activities to cover all IPE values and core competencies and to meet individual learning needs and interests. Your learning will be assessed to ensure successful completion.

Successful completion of two elective learning activities of any colour is required across the two-year Master’s program in order to complete the curriculum.

IPE Registration Process

You register for the IPE elective sessions by contacting the Office of IPE. Contact the Office of IPE if you need to cancel your registration, so that students on waitlists may be accommodated. Confirmation of registration will be sent to you ahead of the session.