Award Winners

2023 Breath in Life Research Poster Award

Project: Considerations in increasing clinical education capacity for physical therapy students

  • Recipients: Emmanuel Ushwin, Pooria Khoshnevisan, Tyler Muirhead, Malcolm Sanderson, Parmeet Sidhu
  • Advisors: Brenda Mori, Martine Quesnel

2022 Breath in Life Research Poster Award

Project: Dyspnea induced by inspiratory loading limits dual-tasking in healthy young adults 

  • Recipients: Stephanie Chauvin, Chris Ibrahim, James Ma, Jessica Otoo-Appiah, Anna Zheng
  • Advisors: Darlene Reid, Dmitry Rozenberg

2021 Breath in Life Research Poster Awards

Project: What is ‘disability’?: Exploring the conceptions of internationally educated learners in a Canadian physical therapy bridging program.   

  • Recipients: Jessica Chiang, Diae Kim, Carissa Sinhei Siu, Blaire April White, Megan Zhu
  • Advisors: Donya Mosleh, Barbara Gibson, Sharon Switzer-McIntyre

Project: Exposure to Music with Complex Musical Rhythms is Not Associated with Performance on the Beat Alignment Test

  • Recipients: Gabriella Marie Banfield, Shirley Chan, Eviana Corina Cusimano, Julie Fayez, Jackson Davis Edwin Gadjovich, Prabhav Gogna
  • Advisor: Kara Patterson

2021 CBI Health Group Prize for Excellence in Student Research

Research Paper: Reliability, Acceptability and Feasibility of Remote Physical Function Assessments in Healthy Adults

  • Recipients: Amanda Justine Brunne; Joseph Alexander Cacoilo; Ross Archer Cameron; Andrew George William Daly; Landyn Mackenzie Quigley
  • Advisors: Kenneth Wu, Manoela Ferreira, Tyler Saumur and Sunita Mathur

2020 Breathe in Life Research Poster Award & 2020 CBI Health Group for Excellence in Student Research

Project: Understanding Transitions in Care for Persons with Amputations from In-patient Rehabilitation to Home: A Descriptive Qualitative Study

  • Recipients: Marija Radenovic, Kamille Aguilar, Anne Wyrough, Clara Johnson, Shirley Luong
  • Advisors: Sara Guilcher, Amanda Everall, Sander Hitzig, Steve Dilkas, Crystal MacKay