Critical Disability and Rehabilitation Studies (CDARS)

Lead Researcher - Barbara Gibson

Illustration of kids playing together

Research Overview

Under the direction of Dr. Barbara Gibson, a multidisciplinary team conducts research that focuses on investigating and improving quality of life, community participation, and social inclusion of children, youth and young adults with disabilities through an examination of the health practices and policies that affect their daily lives.

See the CDARS Lab Research Page at the Bloorview Research Institute.



  • Bhavnita Mistry is the research manager for the CDARS lab.


  • Dr. Katie Mah is a Postdoctoral Associate, co-supervised by Dr. Gail Teachman at Western University. Employing critical qualitative and arts-based methodologies, Katie’s postdoctoral research explores how recovery following concussion is discursively understood by young people.
  • Donya Mosleh is a doctoral candidate in the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute. Donya’s transdisciplinary research program draws on posthumanist theory to explore how disability is understood and operationalized in the everyday clinical practices of a children’s outpatient rehabilitation clinic.
  • Pia Vollmers is a Masters student in the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute co-supervised by Dr. Yani Hamdani. Her research explores the effects of human-animal interactions with young autistic people and their families.

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