Termination Policy

The EAC may recommend that the Department terminate your registration in the MScPT program in any of the following situations:

  • You fail any single course twice
  • You fail any two courses
  • You have violated the terms any of the policies outlined in this handbook (e.g., Attendance Policy, Professionalism Policy, etc.)
  • You violate professional standards as outlined in the Attendance Policy and/or Professional Behaviours Code for Health Professional Students
  • You have committed an academic offence as outlined in the University of Toronto’s Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters

You can review information on termination and the termination process on the SGS website.

You have five business days to request an Informal Review after an assignment grade has been made available. Please submit Informal Review requests directly to the Academic Lead(s) in writing (including by e‐mail).

If a request for an Informal Review of an examination, evaluation, or component grade is submitted, the Academic Lead(s) will determine the process by which the Review will take place. As a result of an Informal Review, the score on that assessment may be raised, be lowered, or remain unchanged. In all cases, the Academic Lead(s) will provide a written decision to you regarding the outcome of the Review (i.e., whether any changes have been made and why).

The entire assignment will be re-graded at the discretion of the Academic Lead and a fee for re-marking may apply.

After five days, you have not requested an Informal Review of a provisional grade or assessment, that grade or assessment can be considered part of your student record, that is, it is no longer provisional and is instead deemed final (pending customary approval by the Evaluation and Awards Committee).