Copyright, Recordings, and Online Etiquette

Copyright in Unit Lectures

The unauthorized use of any form of device to audiotape, photograph, video-record or otherwise reproduce lectures, course notes or teaching materials provided by instructors is covered by the Canadian Copyright Act and is prohibited. You must obtain prior written consent to such recording. In the case of private use by students with disabilities, the instructor's consent must not be unreasonably withheld.

Video and Audio Recordings

The University of Toronto provides information about recording lectures. If you wish to request to record a lecture/classroom session as an accommodation for a disability, contact Accessibility Services. You are not permitted to record any test, examination or evaluation unless otherwise specified.

The Department of Physical Therapy supports the responsible use of recordings for the purpose of augmenting the learning experience of students within the program. For the purposes of this policy, ‘recordings’ include video recordings, audio recordings, and photographs (including screen captures).

The Department Policy related to the acquisition, storage and dissemination of recordings is as follows:

  1. If you require a recording of a lecture/classroom session that is not otherwise being recorded, you must obtain permission from the Academic Lead and/or instructor prior to the session.
  2. Storage, transfer, and/or distribution of recordings in any form is prohibited, unless you obtain permission.
  3. If you require recordings that will capture someone other than the instructor (such as other students or guests in the class), then informed consent should also be obtained from those other people. Further guidance around privacy considerations, and sample Consent forms, may be obtained from the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation.
  4. Outside of the context of an accommodation for a disability, once an instructor gives permission to record, it may nonetheless be rescinded later, or for particular lectures or class sessions.

Online Etiquette

Many of the courses in the MScPT curriculum have online components and activities. You are expected to follow the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters and Standards of Professional Behaviour for all Health Professional Students in the online environment.  You must adhere to the expectations by each Academic Lead regarding online behaviour.