Mar 6, 2024  |  12:10pm - 1:00pm

RSI Leadership Rehab Rounds - Dr. Sari Ylinen - March 6, 2024

Leadership Rehab Rounds

Speaker’s Name and Position Title:

Dr. Sari Ylinen
Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathology,
Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University, Finland

Presentation Title:

Training the brain with games – language-learning interventions in typically developing children and children with dyslexia

Short Bio:

Dr. Sari Ylinen works as an Associate Professor in speech-language pathology at Faculty of Social Sciences, Tampere University. She has over 20 years of experience in EEG/ERP research and an interdisciplinary background in linguistics and language education as well as in psychology (PhD in 2006) with specialization in cognitive neuroscience. Her topics of interest include, for example, speech processing in the brain, language-learning interventions, and game-based language learning.

Zoom Details:
Dial in: 647-374-4685, Meeting ID: 861 5077 1026, Passcode: 507520

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Headshot of Dr. Sari Ylinen