Biomedical Informatics, Analytics, and Technology Lab

Lead Researcher - Karl Zabjek

Research Overview

Dr. Zabjek's translational program of research is situated at the intersect of basic science, social science and medicine within the field of biomedical science. A core interest is to develop novel technology, clinical informatics  and analytical techniques that have the potential for translation to clinical practice across contexts of care.

He has developed two specific streams within the context of my translational program of research.  The first stream aims to develop technology assisted measurement of movement and mobility across contexts of care. The second, parallel and interconnected stream aims to develop an understanding of the structural and functional determinants of mobility limitations.

Within the Biomedical Informatics, Analytics, and Technology Lab, current initiatives are focused on the development of new biomechanical assessments and analytical techniques that provide insight into the structural and functional determinants of movement dysfunction. This work is providing the foundation to develop mobile technology that can be translated across contexts of care.  A core element of this work is exploring how new models of informatics and analytics can further bridge the gap between basic science and clinical practice.



  • Abdullah Zafar, Data Analytics Coordinator
  • Philip Lee, Health Analytics Coordinator

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