Luana Melo, PT, PhD

Head shot of LuaEducation

PhD in Biotechnology, 2015
Department of Biotechnology – Universidade Estadual do Ceara, Brazil

Visiting PhD candidate, 2014-2015
Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Oral Physiology, University of Toronto

Clinical Residency in Critical Care, 2010
Universidade Federal do Ceara-Hospital Universitario-Brazil

Physiotherapy Degree, 2009
Universidade de Fortaleza, Brazil

In 2016 Dr. Lua Melo began postdoctoral training in a collaborative project with Dr. Darlene Reid, Dr. Ewan Goligher and Dr. Laurent Brochard, in a partnership that spans three different institutions – University of Toronto, Toronto General Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospital.

Funding and Awards

  • International Collaboration Research Grant, Brazil – 2014-2016
  • Doctoral Fellowship, (CAPES, Brazil) – 2012-2015
  • Clinical training fellowship, Brazil – 2010-2012


  1. Melo LT. The effects of incremental loading of the inspiratory muscles on muscle oxygenation in young and older adults. Acute Respiratory Failure Working Group Meeting, Toronto, Canada, December, 2015.
  2. Melo LT, Panchalingam V, Avivi-Arber L, Cherkas P, Campos AR, Sessle BJ. Effects of the natural substance (-)-alpha-Bisabolol on trigeminal central sensitisation and sensorimotor behaviour induced by acute noxious orofacial stimuli. Neuroscience Meeting 2015, Chicago, United States, October, 2015.
  3. Melo LT, Abdon APV, Vasconcelos RP, Castro CA, Guedes MM, Tome AR, Cardoso ALH, Santiago TM, Rebelo LM, Moreira RA, Monteiro-Moreira ACO, Campos AR. Ethanol-induced gastric injury: microscopic analysis of the protective effect of frutalin. 11° World congress on inflammation, Natal, Brazil, 2013.
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Ongoing Projects

  • Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) performed during loaded breathing in healthy volunteers
  • Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in critical care patients during mechanical ventilation
  • Examining the metabolism of respiratory muscle during exercise in healthy and disease using Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) (systematic review).
  • Investigating the recruitment of inspiratory and neck muscles during inspiratory loading
  • Investigation of the relationship between prefrontal cortex activity (e.g. changes in O2Hb) and motor performance in patients with COPD and matched healthy participants while they perform single and dual tasks.
  • Compilation of evidence on the effects of cognitive tasks on prefrontal cortex activity in healthy adults (systematic review).

Future Plans

After completing her Postdoctoral training, Lua aims to find an academic position in order to teach and continue conducting research. Her goal is to improve the health of respiratory and skeletal muscle in critically ill patients, improving liberation from mechanical ventilation and discharge from ICU and to regain function and independence.