This team of researchers has the unique expertise to examine the impact of muscle exertion as it pertains to daily activities and rehabilitation from a broad spectrum ranging from the cellular level to healthy related quality of life.  Physical activity can compensate or slow the progression of certain diseases, however, many basic questions related to cause-and-effect and optimizing activity/exercise prescription remain unanswered.

Each team member has independently investigated research questions related to respiratory and systemic dysfunction in patient populations with compromised neuromuscular performance extending from chronic fatigue syndrome to COPD.  These conditions share both mechanisms of dysfunction and outcomes measures to evaluate impairment and treatment.

The combined expertise of this team of  researchers is well-poised to examine the contribution of muscle fatigue and blood flow of the exercising limb and inspiratory muscles to activity, function, and health related quality of life in patients with neuromuscular, respiratory and sleep disorders.  Further, they have and are currently involved in determining underlying mechanisms and clinical outcome measures of poor exercise and muscle performance.   Lastly, several of the researchers have been involved in systematic reviews, formulating clinical practice guidelines, and evaluating change of practice as a result of the new guidelines.

Darlene Reid

Team Lead

W. Darlene Reid, BMR, PhD
Chair & Professor, Department of Physical Therapy Department of Physical Therapy 160-500 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1V7
Phone: 416-978-2769
Fax: 416-946-8561
Lab:  Rehabilitation Aimed at Muscle Performance (RAMP)





Dina Brooks, Professor, Dept of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto

Pat Camp, Department of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia

Jordan Guenette, Assistant Professor, Dept of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia

Sunita Mathur, Assistant Professor, Dept of Physical Therapy, University of Toronto

Jeremy Road, Professor, Division of Respiratory Medicine, University of British Columbia

Babak Shadgan, Research Scientist, Vancouver Prostate Centre, University of British Columbia

Bill Sheel, Professor, School of Kinesiology, University of British Columbia

Research Trainees

Eli Forti, Visiting Scientist

Leandro Bonetti, Visiting Scientist

Lua Melo, PDF

Masa Hanada, Visiting Scientist, Nagasaki University

Syed Ahmed Hassan, MSc Student

Yi-Wen Chen, PhD Candidate

Administrative Contacts

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