Ongoing Research

Man riding bicycleThe overarching goals of research performed by the RAMP lab are to:

  1. understand why people with chronic disease experience muscle dysfunction and reduced exercise capacity with a particular focus on respiratory disease and inspiratory muscles
  2. provide a scientific basis for effective exercise and activity prescription in rehabilitation programs that will improve the exercise capacity and overall health status of patients with chronic disease.

Current research projects include:

  • The etiology of pain in COPD
  • Reliability and validity of the Brief Pain Inventory in people with COPD
  • Underlying causes of thoracic pain in COPD patients
  • Muscle deoxygenation and fatigue of the inspiratory and handgrip muscles during intermittent contractions when subjected to normoxia and hypoxia in healthy people
  • Reliability and validity of cervical range of motion and strength testing using wireless devices