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MSc at the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute

The MSc in Rehabilitation Science (MSc) program is offered by the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute and is designed for graduate students who ultimately want careers as independent scientists in health-related disciplines. It can also serves as a stepping stone on the pathway to advanced research training for students planning to pursue a PhD in Rehabilitation Science or related fields.

PhD at the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute

The PhD program in Rehabilitation Science at the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute will prepare candidates for a career in scientific research. Graduates will feed the demand for rehabilitation scientists and academic faculty in Canada and the Global Market. Graduates will be expected to acquire autonomy in conducting research and developing an independent research program. The program is designed to provide a broad knowledge of rehabilitation science research as well as advanced research skills and methodologies including acquisition of funding, formulation of research questions, discovery of new knowledge, data collection, analysis and interpretation, scholarly presentation and publication and translation of knowledge for consumption by appropriate stakeholders.

Post-Doctoral Fellow Training

A wealth of opportunities exist while doing a post-doctoral fellow within the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto and as part of the Toronto University Hospital Network.

Trainee Funding

Most full scholarship applications for MSc or PhD funding are due at the start of term (therefore 12 months in advance). Exceptions can be applied for but these are difficult to obtain.

Full federal or provincial scholarships range from $16,000-35,000/year, but smaller agencies offer smaller amounts (e.g., $5000) and deadlines can vary. A minimum of an 80% average is needed to be competitive, although the cut-off is usually higher and all agencies differ in their appraisal of an application. Dates, criteria for appraisal, and regulations change from year to year so go to their web-sites and read the instructions carefully. You are only able to apply to CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC; be sure to choose only one of these three (and they do check).

When applying for scholarships:

  • Reference letters should be requested from referees at least 4 weeks in advance of the deadline, so you need to prepare early.  In addition, many of the competitions require substantial input from the potential supervisor for the description of the project to be undertaken and a full curriculum vitae module from the supervisor.  Thus, it is greatly preferred if you inform Dr. Reid of this need well before the grant deadline.

More on financial support is available on the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute website.