Dr. Darlene Reid

Rehabilitation Aimed at Muscle Performance (RAMP) Lab

4 students, 2 female/2male, sitting on grass on campus. The CN towner is off in the background.The Rehabilitation Aimed at Muscle Performance (RAMP) Laboratory, directed by Dr. Darlene Reid, is located in the Rehabilitation Sciences Building and is affiliated with the Kite Research Institute and the University of Toronto, the top ranked research university in Canada. 

The RAMP Lab is situated in the Function and Mobility Research Facility at 500 University Avenue, University of Toronto, within walking distance to the Toronto General, Mount Sinai and St. Michaels Hospitals, all of which are research intensive institutions that are part of the Toronto Academic Health Science Network. Dr. Reid’s lab is an integrated physiology lab with a focus on muscle, ventilatory and cardiovascular outcomes.

Given its close proximity to several academic hospitals, the RAMP Lab is ideally located to have ready access to a variety of clinical research venues. The team provides opportunity to perform studies that span the spectrum from mechanistic physiologic investigations and human movement to knowledge translation and implementation studies.

The RAMP Laboratory serves as a multi-user, interdisciplinary facility dedicated to excellence in muscle performance research. The RAMP laboratory has established links with several collaborators at the University of Toronto, nationally and internationally. Research trainees at the undergraduate, MSc, PhD and PDF training levels with backgrounds in physiotherapy, medicine, and exercise sciences perform research in this facility.

The RAMP Laboratory, situated within the Function and Mobility Research Facility, has equipment to perform:

  1. Image analysis of ultrasound and other acquired images
  2. Near infrared spectroscopy of muscle and prefrontal cortex
  3. Respiratory muscle performance, limb muscle loading and whole body exercise
  4. Wireless hand held dynamometry and inclinometry

Several regular research seminar series are held at the Toronto Rehab Institute, in the Department of Physical Therapy and in conjunction with other University Hospital Network facilities. Research seminars are complemented by professional development seminars on topics such as grant writing, scientific writing, preparing a scientific resume.

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