Gayatri Aravind, PhD

Education & Training

Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2016-2019
University of Toronto

PhD in Rehabilitation Science, 2016
McGill University

Thesis: Use of Virtual Environments to Assess Obstacle Avoidance and Dual-Tasking in Patients with Post-Stroke Visuospatial Neglect

 MSc in Rehabilitation Science, 2012
(fast-tracked into PhD program)
McGill University

Fun Fact

Gayatri is trained in classical singing and loves going on long hikes with her dog.

Presentations (selected)

Aravind G, Cameron J, Jaglal S, Ploughman M, Salbach NM. Exploring sustainability of a task-oriented, community-based exercise program in Canada. Canadian Stroke Congress. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Presenter: Aravind G. Oct 3-5, 2019.

Aravind G, Lamontagne A. Attentional distractors increase the risk of collisions with moving objects in post-stroke individuals with visuospatial neglect. 17th Research Colloquium, May 2016, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Aravind G, Lamontagne A. Dual tasking increases the risk of collisions during obstacle avoidance in individuals with post-stroke visuospatial neglect. 2015 ISPGR World Congress, Seville, Spain.

Aravind G, Lamontagne A. A Virtual reality based navigational task to assess obstacle avoidance in individuals with visuospatial neglect. 15th Research Colloquium, May 2014, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Publications (selected)

Aravind G, Lamontagne A. Post-stroke visuospatial Neglect interferes with the modulation of Heading required for successful obstacle Avoidance and goal-directed walking. (Submitted, 2017)

Aravind G, Darekar A, Fung J, Lamontagne A. A virtual reality based navigation task to unveil obstacle avoidance performance in individuals with visuospatial neglect. IEEE transactions, Neural Systems and Rehabilitative Engineering, 2015

Aravind G, Lamontagne A.  Perceptual and locomotor factors affect obstacle avoidance in subjects with visuospatial neglect. Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation, 2014

Future Plans  

Gayatri would like to be a researcher in the field of healthcare policy and hopes to work for the ministry of health in the future.