Dr. Nancy Salbach

Knowledge to Action (KTA) Lab

The Knowledge to Action (KTA) Research Laboratory, directed by Dr. Nancy Salbach, is located in the Rehabilitation Sciences Building in downtown Toronto. The lab is affiliated with the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-University Health Network (UHN), St. John’s Rehab-Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, and the University of Toronto – the top ranked research university in Canada. 

The ultimate goal of research in the KTA Lab is to optimize function, mobility, and physical activity among older adults with balance and mobility limitations from stroke, HIV and other chronic conditions.

Research within the KTA Lab incorporates an integrated knowledge translation (iKT) approach that involves engaging end-users of the research throughout the research process. The close proximity of the KTA Lab with many academic hospitals facilitates collaborations with hospital-based scientists and clinicians and access to patient populations for clinical and knowledge translation research. Research trainees at the undergraduate, Masters, PhD and postdoctoral levels with backgrounds in neuroscience, rehabilitation, psychology, and epidemiology, conduct research in the KTA lab.

KTA Lab research aligns with the following research themes:

  1. Community Exercise Programs for people with balance and mobility limitations
  2. Rehabilitation Tools, Guidelines and Mobile Applications to facilitate best practice
  3. Physical Therapy Curriculum Evaluation

Trainees in the KTA Lab have access to the extensive resources of the University of Toronto library system. They can attend research and professional development seminars organized by the Rehabilitation Sector, the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, and the School of Graduate Studies. KTA Lab trainees are invited to attend and present their research at monthly meetings of the Toronto Rehab-UHN Optimization of the Rehab System Research Team, of which Dr. Salbach is a member.

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