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The University of Toronto offers a variety of student accommodations and endless activities to make your student experience memorable. The following links provide information about student life at the University of Toronto along with information for Toronto residents.

Health and Wellness

Head shot of Laurie Coleman

Physical Therapy students are able to access individual short-term confidential wellness counselling/psychotherapy, with Laurie Coleman, a registered clinical social worker. Laurie is a member of the Health and Wellness embedded mental health team.  She has been on-site since 2011 as Wellness Counselor & Coordinator.

The focus of counselling and psychotherapy is on assisting individuals who are experiencing emotional or psychological problems or difficulties. The goal is to help students to clarify issues, to better understand emotions, relationships and responses, and to deal effectively with challenges, so that they are able to achieve their personal and academic best.

Services are offered in a confidential and empowering environment, which is directed towards optimizing students’ personal, academic and overall well-being. She has developed and delivers skills-building workshops on coping with anxiety, mindful eating: food and mood, and mindful moments drop-in meditation sessions. She also co-facilitates a grief support sharing circle on-campus, with sessions generally offered the fall and winter terms.

Physical Therapy students can request an embedded counselling appointment through self-referral by calling the Health and Wellness Centre 416-978-8030.  Appointments take place in Room 184 at 500 University Ave.  Embedded counselling services are offered on a sessional basis from September to May.  If students are in need of services in the summer term please contact the Health & Wellness Centre directly at 416-978-8030.

Note: It is the mandate of Health and Wellness to provide all University of Toronto students with accessible and timely care. In order to fulfill this mandate in a time of increasing numbers of students requesting care, the service provides only short-term therapy. Should a student require ongoing, long-term treatment, we will assist him/her in finding the appropriate community resource(s).

Mindfulness Meditation

Would you like to be more calm, confident and connected? Join weekly opportunities Mondays through Fridays to practice secular mindful meditation techniques that will increase your relaxation, resiliency and focus.

Mindfulness meditation is about being aware in the present moment. We spend a lot of time focusing on what happened in the past and worrying about the future, and this distracts us from what we want to do in the moment. It also creates a lot of stress! With mindfulness we can learn to slow down and appreciate the present.

Rehabilitation Sciences students (including Physical Therapy students) can access mindful moments drop-in meditation sessions bi-weekly starting September 20, 2018 at 500 University Ave, Rm 1016.

Student Life

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