Request for Special Consideration

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Students with health problems or other personal circumstances, which might adversely affect their performance in, or ability to complete course work, tests, examinations, or other departmental assessments, may request special consideration.  The student should complete the departmental Request for Special Consideration Form. Students who defer an examination due to extenuating circumstances are required to pay a non-refundable fee of $70 (per exam), as set out by the Planning and Budget Office’s Administrative User Fees and Fines schedule. Additional information on this process can be found in our current Student Handbook.

Verification of Student Illness or Injury

The “Verification of Student Illness or Injury” is the new official University of Toronto form for all students who are requesting special academic consideration based on illness or injury. This new form replaces the “Student Medical Certificate”.  Please provide the form to your Physician, Surgeon, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Psychologist, or Dentist for completion, and bring the completed form along with a completed Request for Special Consideration form to your unit coordinator for consideration.

SGS Forms

The School of Graduate Studies also provides students with various forms, including Name/Gender Change, taking a Leave of Absence, and withdrawing from the program, among others.