Part-time Work at U of T

Part-time positions within the Department of Physical Therapy for current students are limited. However there may be additional positions available at U of T through various offices, including academic departments, student services and the Athletic Centre.

Work Study Program

The University of Toronto Work Study program offers an opportunity to registered students to gain meaningful work experience by working part-time on campus. These jobs are available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Students do not need to be OSAP eligible to apply for Work Study. Additional details on the program is available from Enrolment Services.  Positions for this program are posted in early September on the Career Centre portal, and may be offered by various departments at the University of Toronto, including the PT Department.  The PT Department will email current student regarding positions within the PT Department, however students should visit the Career Centre portal for available positions in other departments.

Research Assistantships

Occasionally, faculty will have a budget for research assistants in their grants. Positions will generally be emailed to students as they arise.

Teaching Assistantships

Teaching Assistant positions at U of T are generally offered to U of T graduate students and may involve conducting tutorials, grading undergraduate essays or exams, and acting as a resource person for undergraduate students. To learn about available positions, a student should visit the website of the Department concerned. In the Department of PT, these positions are not available to current PT students for various reasons such as confidentiality.