Convocation Awards

The Department distributes a number of awards to graduating students at a Convocation Reception hosted by the Department of Physical Therapy and the  PT&OT Alumni Association. Most of these awards have been established by private donors and corporate bodies. While the majority of the recipients of these awards are chosen by the Evaluation and Awards Committee and require no application, students will be notified of any awards requiring nominations or applications via email.

Breathe in Life Research Poster Award

This award was established by the family of Anne Barbetta who in her teaching career inspired her students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. The award is presented to the student research group judged to have created the “best” poster for Student Research Day.

C. Estelle Cunningham Book Prize

This award was created to honour the outstanding contribution made to the profession by C. Estelle Cunningham and is awarded to the student who submitted the best paper in partial fulfillment of their final year course.

Canadian Physiotherapy Association Cardiorespiratory Division Entry Level Student Award

This award recognizes physiotherapy students who excel in the cardiorespiratory area in both theory and clinical practice, and who have a special interest in this area of physiotherapy.

Canadian Physiotherapy Association Leadership Award of Excellence

This award is to recognize a student in the final year of the program who demonstrates exceptional leadership qualities for the promotion of the physical therapy profession and/or improvement of the quality of student experience at the University of Toronto.

Canadian Physiotherapy Association National Orthopaedic Division Annual Student Award

This award will be given to a student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, advocacy and an interest in orthopaedics.

Canadian Physiotherapy Association Rising Star Distinction

This distinction is to recognize and acknowledge a student or new graduate physiotherapist (PT)/physiotherapy assistant (PTA) who has demonstrated potential to be an excellent PT/PTA in paediatric practice through her/his exceptional contribution to paediatric education, clinical practice, and/or research. Students are nominated by his/her academic institution and the winner is selected by the CPA (Paediatric Division).

Canadian Physiotherapy Association Student Award

This award, a one year membership in the Association, is presented to the student who attained the highest aggregate mark in academic and clinical PT courses throughout the program.

Carlos Melendez Memorial Award

The recipient of the award is selected by the graduating class in consultation with the Departmental Awards Committee and is one who exemplifies the strength of humanity and compassion towards others that Carlos demonstrated.

CBI Health Group Prize for Excellence in Student Research

This award is presented by CBI Health Group to the student group for the final paper in the research component of curriculum. Their study is considered to be innovative, has the potential to advance practice, and is an important topic for physical therapy. This group demonstrates the potential of all of our Physical Therapy graduates to be outstanding clinician-researchers.

Central Toronto District – Ontario Physiotherapy Association Award

This award of merit is present to the graduating student who has shown outstanding clinical expertise throughout all his/her clinical placements.

Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon Gold Medal for Excellence in Physical Therapy

This award was established by Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon in 2011, and is presented to the student in the graduating class of the Physical Therapy Program who attains the highest average throughout his/her studies in physical therapy.

Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon Silver Medal for Excellence in Physical Therapy

This award was established by Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon in 2011, and is presented to the student in the graduating class of the Physical Therapy Program who attains the second highest average throughout his/her studies in physical therapy.

Herta Leyss Scholarship in Physical Therapy

Established by the estate of Herta Leyss this is awarded to graduate students on the basis of their academic excellence and recognized the student most likely to fulfill the role of an academic practitioner based on consistent distinction in clinical and research practice.

Hospital for Sick Children Prize in Paediatrics

Awarded to the student who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in Peadiatrics throughout the PT program, this award is to acknowledge a student who has shown a particular interest and aptitude for the clinical application of PT theory to Peadiatrics.

Mary Sauriol Business Practice Prize

The colleagues of Mary N. Sauriol developed this prize to recognize the graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in orthopaedic clinical practice and has developed a thorough understanding of business practices as they relate to the private sector.

Molly Verrier Award

This award was established on behalf of the friends, family and colleagues of Professor Molly Verrier to award the graduating student who actively participates to advance the practice of Physical Therapy and empower their classmates. The recipient has also achieved high academic standing.

Mount Sinai Hospital Book Prize

Established by the Mount Sinai Hospital, this prize is awarded to a student who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement throughout the Physical Therapy program.

Mountain Challenge Book Prize

This book prize, created in 1991, is for the recognition and encouragement of a graduating physical therapy student who is deemed by his/her colleagues as most able to “help others to climb their mountains.” It is awarded based on student nominations.

Olive Wallace Pester Fellowship in Physical Therapy

This award is presented to a graduate student in the Department of Physical Therapy who has demonstrated distinction in clinical practice and shown promise for improving quality of care and patient outcomes. The student shows a passion for embracing a broad range of complementary therapies that considers not only the physical aspects of their patients but also their emotional and spiritual well being of their patients throughout their assessment and management. The recipients will be determined by the Chair of the Department, in consultation with the Evaluations and Awards Committee. Students will submit an essay to be considered for this award.

The Heart and Breath of Physical Therapy Award

Sponsored by the Toronto East General Hospital this is awarded to the graduating student who excelled during his/her cardiorespiratory clinical internship and also has shown particular interested in the cardiorespiratory field.

Toronto Cathay Lions Club Scholarship

Established in 1987, this award is presented to the student with the highest standing in the second year of the MSc Physical Therapy program.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network Patient Quality of Life Award

This award recognizes the graduating student who has demonstrated the attributes and ability to improve quality of life for people living with a long-term disability as a result of illness, accident or the aging process.

University Health Network Book Prize

The University Health Network, a teaching facility fully affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, has developed this award to recognize a student in the graduating class who demonstrates clinical and academic excellence in the area of neuroscience.