Academic Appeal

Graduate students registered in SGS may appeal substantive or procedural academic matters, including grades, internships and other program requirements; decisions about the student’s continuation in any program; or concerning any other decision with respect to the application of academic regulations and requirements to a student (SGS General Regulations 11.1). Students are advised to review this process and to carefully note the timelines for each of the four steps in the process. The first two steps, which occur at the departmental level, are outlined below.  If a student wishes to take an appeal to step three, they should refer to the SGS Calendar or website.

Step One: Informal Stage

In the case of dispute at the Unit level, students must attempt to resolve the matter with the Academic Lead(s), instructor or other person whose ruling is in question. Students have five business days to request an Informal Review after the grade has been made available. Please refer to the student handbook for additional details.

Step Two: Departmental Level Appeal 

If the student does not agree with the EAC decision, the student may pursue the matter with the Department Chair.

Step Three: Sector-Level Appeal

Should discussions with the Department Chair fail to resolve the matter, the student may make a formal appeal in writing to the RSS Academic Appeals Committee (RSSAAC). Further details about this appeal process should be requested from the Graduate coordinator or Student Liaison Officer.

Step Four: School of Graduate Studies Level Appeal

Graduate Academic Appeals Board

If the issue is still unresolved, the student may initiate an appeal in writing to the SGS.  Please refer to University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies Appeals process. Appeals related to Termination of Registration are initiated directly to the Graduate Academic Appeal Board.