Current Students

Course Information   

Course information including lectures, course outlines, schedules, assignments, etc. can be accessed at the University of Toronto’s Quercus. We do not publish course syllabus on our website.

Personal Academic Information

You can access your timetable, academic history, tuition invoice, addresses on file, etc. using ACORN.

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is published on an annual basis and can be found on the Handbook page. 

Important Resources 

  • Academic dates, holidays and a summary of the start and end dates for all units can be found on our Academic Dates page.
  • You can find various forms that you may need on our Forms page.
  • All students are expected to adhere to the Standards of Professional Behaviour policy.
  • Students should review the Essential Skills and Attributes Required for the Study of Physical Therapy
  • Graduate students registered in SGS may appeal substantive or procedural academic matters, including grades, internships and other program requirements; decisions about the student’s continuation in any program; or concerning any other decision with respect to the application of academic regulations and requirements to a student. Please see the Academic Appeal page for more information.

While we publish a list of all current clinical partners, the Director of Clinical Education will provide students with a listing of available internships for each clinical unit. Information on the clinical education requirements and the placement selection process can be found on our Clinical Education page.

Additionally, all links to content can be found on the right-hand side of this page.