2022 – Department of Physical Therapy Exceptional Achievement and Recognition Awards

Exceptional Achievement Recipients

Headshot of Gareth SneathGareth Sneath – Practitioner

Graduated from the Salford School of Physiotherapy Manchester, UK, and developed a strong interest in musculoskeletal PT and manual therapy. In 1989 he completed the Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy, Curtin University, Australia. He emigrated to Canada in 1990 and has enjoyed a varied career in the public and private health sectors focusing on MSK clinical practice and teaching as well as consulting for the COP and serving as Chief Examiner for the Physiotherapy Competency Examination. He has had a long and enjoyable association teaching with the University of Toronto. He completed an MScCH (Health Professions Teacher Education) in 2015 and the Inter-Professional Arthritis Fellowship/ACPAC with the University Health Network in 2019. He now works at the Unity Health Network continuing to do the things he has always done, clinical practice and teaching.

Headshot of Eric RobitailleEric Robitaille – Education

Since graduating from our MScPT program in 2004, Eric has been employed as a physiotherapist with National Defence. He has been clinical faculty since 2008, coordinating student placements and facilitating in our musculoskeletal units. Following doctoral studies in 2015 he has been investigating evidence informed practices in the prevention and management of musculoskeletal injuries in Canadian Armed Forces members. Eric has been a clinical instructional assistant in Units 1 & 2 for the past several years, and this year felt privileged to be our Exercise Science Theme Lead.


Headshot of Diane Gasner in the middle of a talk

Diane Gasner – Professional Development

Diane Gasner graduated from UofT with a Diploma in Physical & Occupational Therapy in 1963.
On graduation she worked in multiple hospital settings until 1967 when she took a hiatus to start a family. In 1975 the Gasners embarked on a 2-year CUSO project in Cali Colombia S.A. On returning home in 1978 Diane worked at St. Johns Rehabilitation hospital achieving the position Assistant Director Physical Medicine in 1986.
With her desire to improve her education, Diane completed her UofT BSc(PT) in 1986 followed by her Masters at York University in 1992.
She joined the UofT Department of Physical Medicine in 1990 specializing in orthopaedics. During her tenure at Uoft Diane was the recipient of three achievement awards includng the W.T. Atkins award for excellence in teaching in course development. After retiring in 1989 Diane continued on as chair of the communications committee for the Alumni Association.

In Memoriam of Roz Crooks

Roz Crooks Headshot

2022 Recognition Award Recipients (alphabetical list for all recipients)

2022 Exceptional and Recognition Award Recipients (by award category)

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Recognition Award Recipients

Individual Award Recipients

Lecturers/Lab Demonstrators

Folarin Babatunde
Alison Bonnyman
Wendy Campbell
Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair
Aly Kassam
Chun Kim
Michelle Legasto-Mulvale
Vincent Lo
Martine Quesnel
Sheila Ritcey
Betty Rivington-Law
Tricia Twogood
Krisztina Weinacht
Kyle Whaley

Small Group Facilitators

Folarin Babatunde
Felicia Chow
Andrea Galli
Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair
Alex Ruth
Caroline Thong
Haider Tirmizey
Grace Underwood
Krisztina Weinacht
Kyle Whaley

Curriculum Development

Folarin Babatunde
Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair
Krisztina Weinacht

Clinical Instructors/CCCE’s

Sharon Armstrong
Folarin Babatunde
Maggie Bergeron
Rim Boulos
Leor Burshtein
Janet Campbell
Fabio Carnevale
Marissa Constand
Rachel Cumming
Janet Davis
Mandy Duncombe
Mujeeb Duranai
Marian Foltan
Sharon Gabison
Shayne Glass-Smith
Sabrina Handa
Aileen Ho
Jacqueline Holloway
Gillian Johnston
Jordan Katz
Elli Luy
Crystal MacKay
Nilu Mahavitane
Lakshmi Matmari
Krista McIntyre
Martha McKay
Kathy Murphy
Kristin Musselman
Kaveh Nikmard
Ildiko Parniczky
John Pendlebury
Sujansrinivas Rengarajan
Julian Roach
Nirtal Shah
Christina Simion
Joanne Ukposidolo
Pankaj Vaza
Kyle Whaley
Melissa Wong


Alison Bonnyman
Erin Miller
Brenda Mori
Stephanie Nixon
Martine Quesnel
Eric Robitaille
Meredith Smith
Sharon Switzer-McIntyre
Tricia Twogood
Euson Yeung

Teaching Assistants

Folarin Babatunde
Natasha Benn
Alison Bonnyman
Mujeeb Duranai
Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair
Victoria Lavinskas
Michelle Legasto-Mulvale
Carina Orschel
Marina Petrevska
Eric Robitaille
Stephanie Scodras
Yashoda Sharma
Krisztina Weinacht
Kenneth Wu

Administrative Staff

Shane Brandon


Alana Tintse

Team Award Recipients

Ambulatory Care Team @ Sinai Health System – Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital

Brenda Elliott, Shauna Hurnanen, Usman Khan, Mae Kotsios, Louisa Leong, Anita Osika, Ryan Vergara

Black Physiotherapy Association

Courtney Bean, Meredith Smith

Hari Gopalakrishnan And Gillian Grant Team

Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair, Gill Grant

MScPT Student Clinical Internship Instructors and CCCE @ University Health Network – Toronto Rehab – University Centre

Angie Andreoli, Dean Lising, Meredith Smith

Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging Program (OIEPB) Mentor Team

Lisa Caldana, Fabio Carnevale, Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair, Adiilah Hanaa Mohamed Heenaye Sumser, Stephanie Lurch, Alana Tintse

Ontario Internationally Education Physiotherapist Bridging Program Team

Jeffrey Andrion, Lindsay Beavers, Alison Bonnyman, Lisa Caldana, Beth Despres, Mae Kwan, Stephanie Lurch, Lakshmi Matmari, Erin Miller, Robin Prince, Martine Quesnel, Sharon Switzer-McIntyre, Alana Tintse

Physiotherapy Practice within the Canadian Health Care Context Instructor Team

Kelly Brewer, Andrew Courchene, Robyn Davies, Denise Lai, Dean Lising, Annette Marcuzzi, Anna Marie Sneath

Program Evaluation Team in the Scholarly Practice Curriculum Team

Maria Huijbregts, Theresa Kay

Sick Kids Unit 3 Pediatric Team

Stephanie Banh, Monica Czosniak-Stern, Robin Deliva, Ryan Ireland, Blythe Owen, Sejal Patel-Modi, Rebecca West

SPEC – Critical Disability Studies – Community Visits Team

Caroline Acton, Kirk Ashman, Paul Britton, Christine Calvert, Sarah Collinge, Jaspreet Dhaliwal, Alessia Di Virgilio, Matthew Fleet, Matthew Freeman, Tiffany Gaudette, Michelle Grossman, Tyler Harding, Pat Israel, Randy Kells, Ann Kennedy, Audrey King, Christie Ladner Freeman, Jenn Mar, Scott McArthur, Julie and Samantha Millar, Tracy Odell, Abbas Qureshi, Al Reeves, Kamnie and Sarah Singh, Chris Stigas, Tracey Taylor, Sean Towgood, Yogi Trivedi, Oliver Weedon

St. John’s Rehab Clinical Education Team – Inpatients

Rosemarie Gowland, Henriette Grootenboer, Aileen Ho, Gina Lam, Sherley Lee, Maria Lung, Christina Simion

St. John’s Rehab Clinical Education Team – Outpatients

Anne Cho, Esther Chung, Vera Fung, Hina Khatri, Andrea Ottensmeyer-Reyes, Jean Yee

U of T Physical Therapy Alumni Achievement Award 2022

Kelly Brewer

Congratulations to all our recipients!