2020-2021 – Department of Physical Therapy Exceptional Achievement and Recognition Awards

In Memoriam

The Department of Physical Therapy community lost two long-time members recently.

Joan Pape graduated as a PT in 1949 and was a U of T Arbor Award Winner in 2014. She was president of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association from 1966 to 1968 and assistant executive director from 1973 to 1988.

Joan Mesley headed physiotherapy departments at Workmen’s Compensation and Toronto Rehab, among many other roles.

Exceptional Achievement Recipients

Dean Lising HeadshotDean Lising – Professional Development

Dean Lising has led Professional Development (PD) with PTs/teams in roles such as Team-Based Practice/Education Lead, Director, BOOST! Team-Based Care (Centre for Interprofessional Education (CIPE), University of Toronto (UT)), IPE Scholar-in-Residence (Centennial College), Manager Academic Affairs (St. Michael’s Hospital), Professional Practice Leader, Centre Coordinator of Clinical Education and practicing PT (William Osler Health System). He is also faculty in PD programs: PT Practice within the Canadian Health Care Context Course (UT), VITAL Virtual Teaching (CIPE), Quality Improvement Foundations (IDEAS Ontario), and Teaching and Learning for Collaboration (Centre for Faculty Development) and holds a status lecturer appointment at the Department of Physical Therapy. He has produced publications in QI, team dynamics, team resilience and covid-19 innovations.

Lakshmi Matmari HeadshotLakshmi Matmari  – Professional Development

Lakshmi is an internationally educated Physiotherapist and Clinical Education leader at UHN and Faculty in the OIEPB Program. As a Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, Lakshmi is passionate about Quality Improvement and enjoys finding ways to improve care. Over the last decade, she has taken on a variety of leadership roles that have shaped practice and education. This has included exciting projects such as program-level implementation of length of stay targets and creating a new physiotherapy role in the Interventional Pain Clinic. Lakshmi is currently exploring writing about the impact of culture and relationships on lateral leadership roles.

Leslie Soever HeadshotLeslie Soever – Practitioner

Leslie Soever received her physiotherapy degree from the University of Toronto in 1984, and MSc from The Institute of Medical Science and Collaborative Program in Bioethics, at the University of Toronto in 2002. In 2008, Leslie completed the Advanced Clinician Practitioner in Arthritis Care (ACPAC) Program and in 2018-19 was the inaugural fellow at Toronto Western Hospital Interprofessional Arthritis Care Fellowship. Leslie is a Clinical Lecturer in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. She has worked in various roles including clinical, professional leadership, management, and research. Combining extended scope clinical and research skills is her passion, which she does currently at Toronto Western Hospital as a physiotherapist practitioner, in the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery. Leslie is also Associate Director of the ACPAC Program.

Sunita Mathur HeadshotSunita Mathur – Research

Sunita Mathur is physiotherapist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. She directs the Muscle Function and Performance Lab, and conducts research on skeletal muscle dysfunction and sarcopenia in people with chronic disease. The main clinical populations include chronic lung disease (COPD, interstitial lung disease and cystic fibrosis), people undergoing lung transplantation, and people post-critical illness. She is also the co-founder and co-Chair of CAN-RESTORE, a national network dedicated to improving health of solid organ transplant recipients through exercise and physical activity.

Tricia Twogood HeadshotTricia Twogood – Education

Tricia holds a BScKin from the University of Calgary (2006), a MScPT from U of T (2009) and a MClSc from Western (2014). Most of her clinical career has been focused on orthopaedics and she is a fellow of the Canadian academy of manipulative physical therapists (FCAMPT). In 2013, she opened her own private practice where she continues to work today (MOVE Pain Care). Since 2016, Tricia has been an instructor in the MScPT program at U of T and is currently the academic lead for Unit 2 and the co-lead for Unit 1. She is also an instructor in the Advanced Integrated Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy program offered by the Orthopaedic Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

2020-2021 Exceptional and Recognition Award Recipients (alphabetical list for all recipients)

2020-2021 Exceptional and Recognition Award Recipients (by award category)

Recognition Award Recipients

Individual Award Recipients

Administrative Staff

Shane Brandon
Chanh Diep
Mae Kwan
Rob Page

Clinical Instructors / CCCE’s

Susan Abe
Sharon Armstrong
Chris Ashdown
Megan Au
Anne Ayling Campos
Cristina Badlis
Deanna Baker
Gary Beauchamp
Maggie Bergeron
Sarah Brown
Bonnie Cai-Duarte
Janet Campbell
Erica Caron
Rosalie Chan
Sylvia Chan
Debbie Childerhose
Felicia Chow
Marissa Constand
Nicole Cooper
Rachel Cumming
Kelly D’Autremont
Robyn Davies
Stephanie Dos Santos
Ali (Allison) Drynan
Mandy Duncombe
Deanna Feltracco
Sharon Gabison
Andrea Galli
Kim Garland
Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair
Rosemarie Gowland
Samantha Grimes
Sherry Harburn
Aileen Ho
Peter Ho
Bonnie Hodgins
Megan Hudson
Ryan Ireland
Iriny Jacoub
Chris Jagoe
Gillian Johnston
Aly Kassam
Mae Kotsios
Shannon Krug
Heather Kwok
Pauline Lai
Gina Lam
Jamil Lati
Tracy Lee
Vincent Lo
Trischa Lowe
Elli Luy
Laura Mark
Kiera McDuff
Sima Mehrabanypoor
Giulia Mesaroli
Stephanie Middleton
Harold Moniz
Kathy Murphy
Anne Murray
Kristin Musselman
Laarni Muya
Audrey Ng
Kaveh Nikmard
Vanessa Ong
Pauline Palmer
Joanna Parkes
Ildiko Parniczky
John Pendlebury
Louella Pereira
Jenny Quach
Julian Roach
Celia Rojas
Tulio Romanelli
Charlyn Roncesvalles
Kyle Ruttan
Mariam Salama
Ingrid Schon
Jennifer Shaffer
Nirtal Shah
Christina Simion
Prashna Singh
Olivia So
Paolina Spremulli
Catherine Sullivan
Leslie Taylor
Sonia Tomei
Liz Udler
Jennifer Uyeno
Marco Visconti
Belinda Wagner
Liz Weidmark
Ryan Wells
Caroline Woodward
Stephen Wu
Adriane Yarmo
Dorothy Zammit Martaus


Lisa Caldana
Stephanie Lurch
Erin Miller
Brenda Mori
Martine Quesnel
Sharon Switzer-McIntyre
Euson Yeung

Lecturers / Lab Demonstrators

Alison Anthony
Janet Campbell
Nathalie Cote
Colleen Dunphy
Sarah Gregor
Anna Michalski
Ana Oliviera
Debbie Park
Joanna Parkes
Laura Passalent
Natalie Pusateri
Martine Quesnel
Prashna Singh
Sharon Switzer-McIntyre
Euson Yeung


Cristina Badlis
Lisa Caldana
Stephanie Lurch
Susan Marzolini
Erin Miller
Joanna Parkes
Alana Tintse

Research Advisors

Susan Marzolini

Small Group Facilitators

Thomas Abbass
Ismail Abdelkader
Jesse Awenus
Laurie Bickerton
James Braithwaite
Jamie Camp
Julia Cetnar
Oscar Chan
Zach Chan
Mark Cheung
James Chung
Michael Denton
Victoria DiSabatino
Ali (Allison) Drynan
Mujeeb Duranai
Sarah Eby
Dinah Hampson
Caroline Jones
Joelle Karam
Leslie Kleiner
Matt Laing
Carrie Lau
Michelle Legasto
Ali Mazaheri
Sajel Mistry
Joanna Parkes
Peter Poon
Natalie Pusateri
Helen Schelfhaut
Saba Sedaghatkish
Parag Shah
Shabdit Shah
Nicole Sullivan
Devonna Truong
Stephanie Tsotsos
Raj Vase
Marco Visconti
Krisztina Weinacht
Carson Wong
Owen Wong
Queenie Wu
Alla Yakerson

Teaching Assistants

Roxanne (Roxy) Azoory
Mujeeb Duranai
Victoria Lavinskas
Michelle Legasto
Eric Robitaille
Stephanie Scodras
Janelle Unger
Kenneth Wu

Team Award Recipients

Acute Care Of Elderly (Ace) – Physiotherapy Team @ Michael Garron Hospital

Ildiko Parniczky, Linda Sumiya

Acute Stroke Team @ Unity Health Toronto – St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Giancarla Curto-Correia, Robyn Davies, Marie Eason-Klatt, Peter Dennis Garcellano, Grace Karam, Marieve Karman, Fang Lu, Malaika Mvungi, Mitsuko Takeuchi

Bridgepoint Physiotherapy Team

Megan Au, Karen Bang, Brenda Elliott, Heather Kwok, Alan Le, Vanessa Pavani, Daniela Soares

CV Surgery Team @ Trillium Health Partners – Mississauga Hospital

Pat Gornicz, Elza Kertsman, Cathy Relf

Geriatric Rehab Team (Inpatient Rehab and Falls Prevention Clinic) @ Unity Health Toronto – Providence Healthcare

Nicola Bell, Julia Filinski, Derek Glazier, Jeff Kestenberg, Samantha Lombardo, Irene Nicolakis, Jackie Panagakos, Brianna Reed, Dolly Singh, Veleka Thelwell

RCC Church site – Physiotherapy Department @ Unity Health Toronto – St. Joseph’s Health Centre

Lilibeth Pastolero, Mayra Serpa Tarazona

Physiotherapist team @ Women’s College Hospital

Sonia Bibershtein, Debbie Childerhose, Chandra Farrer, Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair, Gillian Grant, Mireille Landry, Tania Obljubek, Rebecca Shantz, Sharmilla Subramanian

Ontario Internationally Education Physiotherapist Bridging Program Team

Jeffrey Andrion, Lindsay Beavers, Alison Bonnyman, Lisa Caldana, Elisabeth Despres, Mae Kwan, Stephanie Lurch, Lakshmi Matmari, Erin Miller, Robin Prince, Martine Quesnel, Sharon Switzer-McIntyre, Alana Tintse

Inpatient Acute, Outpatient Neuro, RCC & CRT @ Trillium Health Partners

Rajni Batta, Preeti Dhende, Harsharn Gill, Pat Gornicz, Cathy Hare, Elza Kertsman, Kirsten Labaj, Anne Murray, Cathy Relf, Meera Wong

Team M & M (Meredith and Martine)

Martine Quesnel, Meredith Smith

Summer Internship Team @ Women’s College Hospital

Sonia Bibershtein, Debbie Childerhose, Celeste Corkery, Harikrishnan Gopalakrishnan Nair, Tania Obljubek

St. John’s Rehab Outpatient Physiotherapists

Anne Cho, Esther Chung, Vera Fung, Hina Khatri, Jean Yee

St. John’s Rehab Inpatient Physiotherapists

Rosemarie Gowland, Henriette Grootenboer, Aileen Ho, Hannah Ho, Samantha Hu, Tiffany Hung, Jessica Huynh, Gina Lam, Christina Simion

SickKids Cardioresp team

Stephanie Bahn, Daniela Bremner, Monica Czosniak-Stern, Robin Deliva, Blythe Owen, Sejal Patel-Modi, Emma Schoo, Arusha Sood

WSIB Specialty Programs @ Trillium Health Partners

Stacey Burns-Hogan, Trinette Kaunds, Danielle Touseant, Vaiva Underys

Unit 7 TA Team

Kyla Alsbury-Nealy, Kainat Bashir, Shawna Cronin, Kristina Kokorelias, Michelle Legasto, Tyler Saumur, Arrani Senthinathan

Unit 4 Teaching Team

Kristin Musselman, Kara Patterson, Martine Quesnel

Unit 4 Clinical Instructional Assistant/Teaching Assistant Team

Michelle Duong, Sarah Gregor, Laura Hussey, Stephanie Lurch, Sofia Provad, Natalie Pusateri, Laura Tambosso, Queenie Wu

Congratulations to all our recipients!