Clinical Partners

Handbook for Clinical Supervision

This Handbook for Clinical Supervision manual contains information regarding the Clinical Practice Component of the Master of Science in Physical Therapy Program at the University of Toronto.  It is intended primarily as a reference and guide for those individuals involved in providing physical therapy students with clinical experiences that will help them acquire skills and knowledge that integrate with the academic component of the program.

To utilize the bookmarks in the file, save the document to your computer and open the file from your computer. The file should open in Adobe with the Bookmark panel visible on the left side of your screen.  Clicking on the bookmarks will allow for easier navigation.  If the bookmarks are not visible, click on the bookmark icon in the left hand side navigation pane and they should appear.  If you would like a print version of this manual, please contact the Department at

Catchment Area

Our clinical education sites are located within the Greater Toronto Area and include Oakville in the west, Ajax/Pickering in the east and Barrie to the north.

Catchment Categories

Clinical sites are divided into six categories: Acute Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centres and Long Term Facilities, Paediatric Centres, Out-Patient Facilities, Community Services and Administration.