Academic Practice Leaders

The Academic Practice Leaders (APL) Committee is comprised of Physical Therapy Professional Practice Leaders, administrators, educators and clinical specialists in the Greater Toronto Area who work collaboratively with the University of Toronto in providing learning opportunities for students.

The purpose of the APL Committee is to support, promote and participate in leading the development of an Academic Physical Therapy framework in the areas of research, education and clinical practice, through:

  • networking with other hospitals and the University of Toronto
  • promoting the linkages between academics, clinicians and researchers
  • maintaining an awareness of relevant internal and external changes in health care delivery and policy and academic curriculum development, with a specific interest in Physical Therapy
  • facilitating or recommending opportunities for building leadership skills within the Physical Therapy profession
  • fostering a consultation model for purposes of accessing specialized Physical Therapy expertise in other facilities

This page includes information the APL committee would like to share including general queries from the past six months that were initiated and compiled by the committee.

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