Notable Alumni: Nancy Latham

Nancy Latham epitomizes the character of a notable graduate. During her undergraduate years, she was a passionate and engaged student who contributed to both in class and student life. Upon receiving her BSc (PT) in 1992, she soon completed her MSc in 1995 at McGill University. Her impact in her research caught the eye of overseas departments and she was offered a post at Otago University in New Zealand as a lecturer. She joined the Auckland University of Technology physiotherapy teaching staff and the Clinical Trials Research Unit at University of Auckland.

During her time in Auckland, she completed her PhD (2002) through the University of Auckland with a multicentre RCT that continued to explore her area of interest. Her research was widely recognized and she was offered a position at Boston University to work with a well-established research team where she continued to make her mark both professionally and personally. Currently, she is jointly working as a Research Assistant Professor with the Boston University School of Public Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard University. She has been recognized for her research impact and was awarded a Mary E. Switzer Distinguished Fellowship from the National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research and was recently an investigator in the Boston Pepper Center Research and Development Core. She has served on review panels for the National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research and recently was guest editor of a special issue on Advances in Disability Research in Physical Therapy.

She is currently involved in a large clinical trial and she serves as a lead or supervisor in many projects. She has been the recipient of several successful grants and has authored over 50 papers in high impact peer-reviewed journals. Nancy is an inspiration to all of us of how a physiotherapist can make an impact professionally and trans professionally, but to also do so with warmth, compassion and integrity.