Notable Alumni: Janique Farand

Janique Farand is an enthusiastic well-rounded physiotherapist with her own private practice: Physiofit, specializing in hands-on orthopaedic and sports therapy. She is also a motivational speaker, an active lecturer and a rehabilitation consultant. Janique has published two books, Solid to the Core (2006) and Solid to the Neck (2009) with a third book focusing on the Hip, Knee and Ankle in progress.  In addition, she developed the Rehabilitative Exercise Program for The Sports Medicine Specialists.

Janique is an alpine skier, member of both the National Alpine Ski Team (1981-1985) and the Canadian Olympic team for the Sarajevo Winter Games. From 2002-2004, she was the physiotherapist and dryland coach for the Ontario Freestyle ski team. Her experiences as an elite athlete, inform all of her interactions with patients. Her commitment, compassion, contagious motivation and empathy for her patients, work to improve their functional status and achieve what seem to be unreachable results, well beyond expectations. She works hard to understand not only her patient’s injuries but their fears and psychological barriers, and identifies and applies the best strategies to improve function.

Janique employs multiple therapies from hands-on techniques through acupuncture, cranio-sacral therapy and personal training, in order to heal and restore patients to functionality. Her volunteer work further exemplifies her high level of commitment and passion. She coaches her local high school ski teams and acts as Ski Racing Director at the Beaver Valley Ski Club.

She served as a lead medical at the 2015 Pan AM Games and was on the host medical team for the 2017 Invictus Games this past September.

She is committed and compassionate, providing contagious motivation to patients and always working with patients to improve function, surpass goals and expectations.