Notable Alumni: Gina Peixoto

Gina has practised as a physiotherapist (PT) in different clinical areas of PT and with a large varieties of patient populations. In 1999, Gina was promoted to be the Clinical Specialist. On top of a busy caseload, she took on administrative responsibilities for a team of 10 PTs and 3 physiotherapy assistants (PTAs); represented PTs in different professional and hospital committees; and acted as a resource in the area of inpatient musculoskeletal physiotherapy to all PTs and other healthcare professionals in the hospital. In 2003, Gina obtained her MSc in Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Toronto. In 2008, Gina received her Advanced Clinician Practitioner in Arthritis Care (ACPAC) certificate. Currently, Gina is working as a staff physiotherapist in the Outpatient PT/OT, Mobility Program, St. Michael’s Hospital.

Gina has shown her passion and devotion to the profession and patient care throughout the past 29 years. Gina always expresses how much she loves the profession and how much she enjoys helping patients recovering/improving from their illness/disabilities. Gina has taken many postgraduate courses to develop her clinical skills. Gina always shows her passion and willingness to help and provide advice to other PTs.

Among those busy work duties, Gina has taken 35 PT students for clinical placements and led research projects involving >20 students. She has been involved in teaching University of Toronto medical students, which greatly assist in promoting the profession. Gina has received many recognition awards. Gina has been involved in different committees in various professional associations. She has published 19 peer-reviewed manuscripts and presented her research in multiple national and international conferences.

Gina is truly a role-model for all physiotherapists and certainly a noble University of Toronto Department of Physical Therapy alumni.