Notable Alumni: Anne Ayling Campos

Anne Ayling Campos is a brilliant, compassionate therapist with a calming aura that lends itself well to her role as a physiotherapist (PT) with the SickKids Chronic Pain Clinic. Anne’s history with SickKids began many years ago, but for the past 10 years she has been passionately working as part of an interdisciplinary team who advocate the 3 P’s approach (pharmacological, psychological, physical) to the management of chronic pain in children and adolescents.

A highlight of Anne’s outstanding impact would include her pivotal role in and around 2001 when she helped to develop and became the very first advanced practice PT at SickKids. She published on the high level of patient and parent satisfaction with this new role in Physiotherapy Canada. This subsequently provided the foundation for the creation of the Advanced Clinician Practitioner in Arthritis Care (ACPAC) program that is now a collaboration of St. Michael’s Hospital, SickKids and the University of Toronto. The ACPAC program has now graduated 61 clinicians (44 PTs, 13 OTs and 4 RNs) who practice throughout Canada.

Anne also remains active teaching and facilitating students in the PT program at the University of Toronto as a regular contributor to the IPC pain week since 2007 and this past year also working with smaller groups of OT and PT students.

For several years, Anne has sat as a co-chair on the education committee for the MOHLTC Advisory Board on Pediatric Chronic Pain. Through this role she advances and advocates for care in the province of Ontario for children with chronic pain. She is also a committee member for the Medical Psychiatry Alliance to help promote the understanding of mental health, especially in the context of pain presentations, throughout the SickKids organization.

Anne is certainly an outstanding PT who has made a significant impact at several levels over the years – advancing the profession of physiotherapy, lending her voice provincially and locally to educate and advocate on behalf of her patients and their families above and beyond her exceptional care.