We’ve gOT Your Back: The Ergo Minute Podcast 2: Creative Home Setups

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General Podcast Description:

You’re invited to tune into a new podcast called, “We’ve gOT Your Back: The Ergo Minute” hosted by Julia Giancola and Madison Lazarou. These Occupational Therapy students at the University of Toronto, bring you advice from U of T experts on how to apply ergonomic strategies in your home office, so that you can work more comfortably, productively and reduce the risk of stress and injury on your body. 

Podcast 2 Episode Description:

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The topic for this podcast is “Creative Home Setups,” which was created in collaboration with Pat McKee, Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy at the University of Toronto.

When listening to this podcast you will learn about proper body positioning, risk factors that may contribute to injury and creative, no-cost home setup ideas you can implement to help you work more safely and productively at home.

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