Students Giving Back: Thusheinth Sivarajah

By: Brittany Wade, 1st year MScPT student

Thusheinth standing in a dress shirt and suspenders at an event, smiling

Thusheinth Sivarajah

Thusheinth Sivarajah recently started his Master’s in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto, but that hasn’t slowed his commitment to volunteerism. Thusheinth works as a volunteer coordinator at a non-profit organization called Young Men Karate Association, which uses the sport of karate as a platform to give back to the community. Since 2013, his duties have involved organizing volunteers for community events, as well as other initiatives such as toy, food, and clothing drives.

Thusheinth says there are two things that motivate him to volunteer while studying full-time: his mother and his passion to make a difference. “I grew up in a household that struggled financially, and there were days when getting food on the table was tough. However, even during these times, my mom would help whoever she could. Growing up, she showed me what true strength and caring really is”.

When asked about the best part of volunteering, Thusheinth proudly answers “the smiles”. “It is just amazing how such a relatively small thing like a sandwich, glove or toy, can bring so much joy into the lives of others” he says.

Thusheinth is always surprised at how much he gets out of the experience. “This program is completely motivating. It is amazing to see the children get as happy buying gifts for other children who are less fortunate, as they would be getting a gift for themselves. I feel like I have a huge responsibility in passing on the important values of caring for others and giving back to the community”.