See what a new grad has to say about our mentorship program!

As a soon-to-be graduate, the Speed Mentorship event sponsored by University of Toronto Affinity Partner Manulife and facilitated by the Community Engagement Committee in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto was a very valuable experience. As our class prepares to apply for jobs and enter the world of physiotherapy as clinicians, we all have a lot of questions, and this event was a great way to not only have some of those questions answered, but to introduce us to new topics and situations as we approach graduation.

The group of clinicians included individuals with a wide-range of work experience including those who worked in hospital, outpatient MSK, rehab, research, and home-care settings, all of which had very unique backgrounds and years of experience. The fact that a brief bio was provided beforehand made it very easy to recognize the individuals who shared my interests and who I would consider approaching with my questions. Additionally, with the food provided and organized schedule, I was able to meet/speak with a number of clinicians in an efficient circuit in both intimate group settings as well as informally at the mixer afterwards.

Also, it is great that the event is coupled with a mentor-matching opportunity based on my initial career goals and interests. As the event is only one night, the opportunity to remain connected to at least one of the mentors is great. To be able to continually reach out with questions formally during my initial 6 months post-graduation is invaluable, and I could imagine it will help to ease my transition into the workforce.

Overall, the event was organized and executed very well, and I am grateful for the way that it impacted, and will continue to impact, my thoughts about the profession and ease into practice.

Daniel Sedran
PT Class of 2019