Rehab Rounds: Prof. Kevin Reel

Prof. Kevin Reel will be presenting “Interprofessionally Assisted Death – Are Canadian OTs Open To It?” at Rehab Rounds on Thursday February 4, 2016 from 12:10 to 1:00 pm.  This event will take place in room 140 of the Rehabilitation Sciences Building at 500 University Avenue.

Prof. Kevin Reel is the Ethicist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health as well as Interim Discipline Co-Chief for Occupational Therapy.  He obtained his MSc in medical ethics from Imperial College, London, England, and his BSc in occupational therapy from the University of Toronto.  Prof. Reel is a faculty member with the Global Institute for Psychosocial, Palliative, and End-of-Life Care.  He was recently a member of the Taskforce on Physician Assisted Death at the Joint Centre for Bioethics, where he also co-directs a course in the MHSc (bioethics) program.

A recording of this presentation is available.