Rehab Rounds: Mika L. Nonoyama

Mika Nonoyama from the University of Toronto presents A Study on Home Long-Term Mechanical Ventilation: Healthcare Costs and Utilization on Thursday, October 04, 2012 from 12-1pm. This event takes place at the room 150 of the Rehabilitation Sciences Building, 500 University Avenue.

Mika is one of the few respiratory therapists in Canada to have completed her PhD in clinical-based research, through the Graduate Department of Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Toronto (under the supervision of Dina Brooks). Currently she is a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Toronto Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing (under the supervision of Louise Rose).

Mika’s research interests include COPD, oxygen therapy, rehabilitation and long-term invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation/prolonged mechanical ventilation.

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recording of this presentation is available.