Rehab Rounds: Dr. Stella Ng

Dr. Stella Ng, PhD, Reg. CASLPO, is the Director of Research at the Centre for Faculty Development, Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology, and Education Scientist at the Centre for Ambulatory Care Education in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.  Dr. Ng presents “Rehabilitation professionals cross borders: Traversing between health care and special education to support children with disabilities” on Thursday, February 6, 2014 from 12-1 pm. This event takes place at the room 140 of the Rehabilitation Sciences Building, 500 University Avenue.

Eight years ago, Stella Ng began her career as both a clinical and educational audiologist. She encountered several gaps and tensions in practice and thus pursued a PhD in Health Professional Education, whilst continuing to practice as an educational audiologist where she experienced and observed additional (inter)system-based challenges.  So she next completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the University of Toronto training program for Health Care, Technology, & Place at the Centre for Education Research & Innovation at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.  Stella studies health professionals’ development and use of tacit knowledge through experience and reflection, and the way they develop and use this tacit knowledge in the face of (hidden) systemic influences on practices.  She is interested in gaining this practice-derived knowledge in order to inform education and policy from the ground up. Recent projects have included a constructivist grounded theory study into how clinical students engage with reflection and reflective practice, and institutional ethnographic inquiry into integrated care between schools and clinics (and the invisible work and social forces therein) for children with disabilities.

Stella recently began a joint position in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto: Director of Research at the Centre for Faculty Development at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael’s Hospital and Education Scientist at the Centre for Ambulatory Care Education, Women’s College Hospital.  She is also appointed as Assistant Professor, Dept. of Speech-Language Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. Stella will always be an audiologist at heart; she remains actively involved in the communication sciences & disorders professions through  clinical/supervisory service, committee work with the Educational Audiology Association, her chosen research contexts, and ongoing teaching and speaking engagements. 

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