PT Volunteers Needed for IMAGINE Clinic

Beginning in January 2012, IMAGINE (Interprofessional Medical and Allied Groups Improving Neighborhood Environments), a student-run interprofessional clinic, will be including physiotherapy (PT) as part of our interprofessional student team (currently medicine, nursing, social work and pharmacy) to create a team of five students and five preceptors from corresponding faculties to care for our clients. Preceptors must be registered Physical Therapists to participate. 

IMAGINE was initiated in 2007 by the Community Affairs portfolio of Medical Society, University of Toronto in collaboration with the University of Toronto Office of Health Professions Student Affairs. It was created as a noncurricular volunteer-based initiative to create opportunities for civic engagement and interprofessional education. Partnerships were formed with community organizations that worked with marginalized populations and had facilities at which a student clinic could be established.

Treatment includes addressing a variety of conditions including sprains and muscle injuries, counseling on sleep posture, helping manage chronic pain, and foot care. The time commitment is approximately 6 hours on only one Saturday (9:00AM-3:00PM) between the dates Jan 14-April 21 (preceptors may wish to volunteer for more than one Saturday if desired). After receiving an orientation package and a brief on-site orientation on their volunteer date, the PT preceptor will mentor and supervise the PT student and together with the student come up with a plan and deliver care to the client as necessary.

Preceptors will also participate in the debrief at the end of the Clinic (Clinic day is from 10-2) with the whole team on the clients of the day, how care for the patients can be improved, and how the running of the Clinic can be improved. As Jan 2012 will be the start of PT’s integration into the IMAGINE Clinic, preceptors in this term will also have the opportunity to help define the role and scope of care PT will deliver as part of an interprofessional team providing drop-in primary care services to the under-housed population.

For more information and to sign up, please contact the Physical Therapy Representative for IMAGINE, Christian Francis, at