PT Students Recognized at U of T Intramural Banquet Ceremony

Physical Therapy students were recently celebrated for their achievements and contributionFive Physical Therapy students with their plaquess to the University of Toronto’s intramural sports program. Each year, up to 18 “Intramural T” awards are bestowed to graduating students. Athletes compete against individuals from both undergraduate and graduate programs across U of T’s three campuses.

Five Physical Therapy students, including Wesley Bellemore, Kristy Boccia, Nikolas Bon, Sarah Fingland and Max Greatrix received an “Intramural T” award, based on their leadership, athleticism, sportsmanship, participation, and dedication to the intramural program. Overall, PT won five out of the 18 awards, more than any other faculty. Previously, PT had received one award in 2010 and 2012 respectively.

Intramural banners presented by studentsAdditionally, PT/OT won five out of six overall intramural banners. These awards are based on numbers of athletes participating, number of teams, fewest defaults, and overall performance. Banners received by our students include men’s participation, women’s participation, coed participation, coed performance and women’s performance. Our students also came second in men’s performance, missing the final banner by a small margin. Congratulations to our students!