On Tuesday October 23rd, U of T PT celebrated the promotion to full Professorship of Dr. Barbara Gibson, Dr. Karen Yoshida, and Dr. Virginia Wright.

They all play an important role in advancing the education, research and practice mandate of the Department. Their colleagues shared some kind words about the impacts they have made.

Dr. Gail Teachman, past PhD student with Dr. Barb Gibson, described her as : “…. a trailblazer in ameliorating the lives of children with disabilities by enhancing person-centred care. She is an innovative thinker, risk taker, and visionary who has generated sustained impact through her research. She approaches her research with respect, innovation and compassion, and is outstanding mentor and supervisor in every sense of the word.





Dr. Church, a colleague of Dr. Yoshida, described her as: “… committed to disability rights and justices, working directly with disability organizations and their leaders on issues that are important to them. She has become expert at mobilizing power with rather than power over. As an engaged academic, she is valued for co-producing knowledge and dialogue with others through the actions of solving real world problems





Finally Dr. Tom Chau, VP of Research as Bloorview, wrote a poem about Dr. Virginia Wright, entitled “where is Virginia ?”:

Australia, New Zealand, United States
Try some robotic-assisted gait
United Kingdom, Amsterdam, Germany
Community balance and mobility
Igniting fitness possibilities
Index for prosthetic upper extremity
Belgium, Denmark, Croatia, not for leisure
Juvenile arthritis functional status measure
Challenge Module such a treasure
Canada, Ireland, Norway connection
David Hart Walker intervention
Quality of life dimension.
Where is Virginia, did you mention?
Changing the world, that’s her intention