On behalf of the Alumni, Faculty, and Staff of the Department of Physical Therapy, congratulations to our newest Alumni – Class of 2019!

The convocation awards ceremony was held on November 5, 2019 at the Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship, University of Toronto. Students were honoured at the celebration for their hard work and achievements throughout their time in the program. A list of the award recipients and some photos are included below.

Breathe in Life Research Poster Award

Recipients: Justin Bailey, Jonah Blatt, Nicole Conzelmann, Shayln Cosgrove, Alireza Mazaheri & Patrick Quimio 

Estelle Cunningham Book Prize

Recipient: Kin-Yee Cindy Tsui

Canadian Physiotherapy Association Leadership Award of Excellence

Left to right: Jonah Blatt & Jayme Muir, Valedictorians

Recipient: Jayme Muir

Canadian Physiotherapy Association Student Award

Recipient: Natasha Lohues

Carlos Melendez Memorial Award

Reicipient: Thi-Ut Nguyen

CBI Health Group Prize for Excellence in Student Research

Recipients: Bridget Coley, Natalie Dnes, Kaitlyn Frisby, Anna Keller, Jezreel Suyom & Kin-Yee Cindy Tsui

Central Toronto District – Ontario Physiotherapy Association Award

Recipients: Zacharie Bergeron & Remi Lu

Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon Silver Medal for Excellence in Physical Therapy

Left to right: Abbigale Spencer, Rebecca Tomasi & Natasha Lohues

Recipient: Abbigale Spencer

Dr. Barnett & Beverley Giblon Gold Medal for Excellence in Physical Therapy 

Recipient: Natasha Lohues

Herta Leyss Scholarship in Physical Therapy

Recipient: Olivia Sabo

Mary N. Sauriol Business Practice Prize

Recipient: Michelle Sobanski

Molly Verrier Award

Recipient: Jayme Muir

Mount Sinai Hospital Book Prize

Johnson Thuan

Recipient: Natasha Lohues

Mountain Challenge Book Prize

Recipient: Johnson Thuan

Olive Wallace Pester Fellowship in Physical Therapy

Recipient: Deanna Lentini

The Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapists (CAMPT) Student Award

Recipient: Abbigale Spencer

The Heart and Breath of Physical Therapy Award


Ashley Anderson

Recipient: Ashley Anderson

The Hospital for Sick Children Prize in Paediatrics

Recipient: Samantha Triemstra

Toronto Cathay Lions Club Scholarship

Recipient: Natasha Lohues

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, University Health Network Patient Quality of Life Award

Recipient: Aruni Jayatilaka

University Health Network Book Prize

Recipient: Mikayla Cooper

University of Toronto Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Alumni Association Award

Recipient: Samantha Triemstra