MScPT Student and Bridging Program Graduate Share their Stories in Physiotherapy Today

Our students and graduates are always looking for creative ways to contribute to the profession of physical therapy. Recently, Celine Nathoo, a second year MScPT student, and Cristian Renteria, an Ontario Internationally Educated Physical Therapy Bridging (OIEPB) Program graduate, contributed stories to Physiotherapy Today, the Ontario Physiotherapy Association’s member newsletter.

In Celine’s column My Lucky Break, she shares how an untimely sports injury that coincided with one of her clinical internships provided her with the opportunity to complete a four week research/administrative placement at the OPA.

She shares “as a student, I find that I am so busy focusing on the clinical PT aspect that I hadn’t thought to peruse the OPA website and understand what the OPA does or what resources I have access to as a member… I have gained so much knowledge about the health care system in general, the impact of certain policy changes in our profession, emerging roles within physiotherapy and the trials and tribulations of typing with a cast.”

Cristian’s article, titled A Bridge to the World, chronicles his journey to becoming a licensed physiotherapist after moving to Canada from Colombia. The column outlines his experience with the OIEPB Program at the University of Toronto, which provides internationally educated physical therapists (IEPTs) with the knowledge and skills needed to gain registration to practice physical therapy in Ontario, as well as Canadian-based work experience. Cristian is currently completing his MScPT degree in the Advanced Standing Program.

He shares “my main priority when I started the Bridging program was passing the Physiotherapy Competency Exam. However, it soon became clear that the purpose of the OIEPB was to make us better physiotherapists, and by achieving that, passing the exam would be more likely.”

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