Introducing the iWalk Toolkit

A clinical toolkit is now available to help physiotherapists use an evidence-informed approach to administering the 10-metre walk test and the 6-minute walk test with people post-stroke.   

The iWalk Toolkit includes a guide, videos, and a new app called iWalkAssess. These resources are designed to help physiotherapists administer the walk tests, interpret test performance, educate patients, and set goals.

Where can you find the iWalk Toolkit?

  • To download the iWalk Guide, click here.
  • To view and download forms and checklists mentioned in the iWalk Guide, click here (scroll down to see files under “iWalk Guide”).
  • Click one of the following links to view the three iWalk videos on YouTubeTM:

iWalk: Administration of the 10-Metre Walk Test and 6-Minute Walk Test Post-Stroke (includes educational content)

iWalk: 10-Metre Walk Test Post-Stroke (shows test administration only)

iWalk: 6-Minute Walk Test Post-Stroke (shows test administration only)