Dr. Kelly O’Brien receives three year CIHR Grant

Head shot of Kelly GibsonCongratulations to Dr. Kelly O’Brien for being awarded a three year grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and CIHR Institute of Infection & Immunity: HIV/AIDS entitled ‘Measuring and Modeling Disability, Comorbidities and Rehabilitation among People Living with HIV in Canada: The HIV Health and Rehabilitation Survey’.  As people with HIV are living longer they may experience a variety of health-related challenges associated with HIV, comorbidities and side effects of treatment. The purpose of this study is to establish a profile of disability experienced by adults living with HIV in Canada and determine how personal and environmental factors such as comorbidities and related rehabilitation services influence the disability experience. This research is important for building our understanding of the types of disability that people with HIV in Canada face, how contextual factors influence the disability experience, and the types of services, strategies and interventions people living with HIV use to address their health challenges living with HIV.

Investigative Team:  K O’Brien, L Baxter, W Chegwidden,  J Gahagan, P Gayle, S Hanna,  F Ibanez-Carrasco, B Merritt, S Nixon, G Robinson, P Solomon, C Worthington , E Zack.