Dr. Barbara Gibson receives three year CIHR Grant

Head shot of Barb GibsonCongratulations to Dr. Barbara Gibson, who received a three year Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Operating Grant entitled ‘The Challenge Module for evaluating advanced motor skills of children with cerebral palsy: From measurement to child centred goal setting’. For the most functional children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) the negative impact of apparently ‘minor’ physical limitations on activity participation in has been seriously under-recognized. There is a lack of available outcome measures to comprehensively assess their advanced gross motor skills; and a lack of knowledge regarding how to engage children in choosing personally meaningful and realistic therapeutic activities. To address these two issues, this study will used mixed quantitative and qualitative methods to advance development of the Challenge Module, a measure of advanced gross motor skills, and develop guidelines for its use in identifying meaningful physical activities with children and families.

Co-PIs:  V Wright  and BE Gibson; Co- I’s: D Fehlings, P Rosenbaum, D Russell, S Love, R Mesterman, J Anderson, E Wood, R Mesterman, C Glazebrook.